Andrew L. Johnson, President of North American Land Trust, has more than forty years of conservation and nonprofit management experience. In 1992 he established the North American Land Trust that has successfully completed more than 384 projects. The Trust has focused on the long-term stewardship and the needs of major landowners. From 1988 to 2002, he ran a conservation consulting organization called Conservation Advisors that assisted landowners and land trusts with planning and execution of limited development projects. Prior to 1988, he was President of the Natural Lands Trust and the Philadelphia Conservationists located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He served as Executive Director of the Brandywine Conservancy and its Brandywine River Museum during their formative period from 1970 through 1976. Johnson's goal has been to seek innovative ways to preserve the ecological, historical and agricultural values of land while providing significant economic benefits to private landowners. Andrew is a graduate of Grinnell College and received his M.F.S. from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.