Since 1992, the North American Land Trust has completed more than 425 projects protecting more than 99,400 acres.

The North American Land Trust is a national organization committed to one single, but extremely important purpose: to provide long-term stewardship of our natural heritage.

Our conservation techniques offer landowners options that consider careful land planning and property management — thus protecting many acres of open space.

In addition, our approach makes it possible for landowners and conservation buyers seeking unique places to live that combine the owner’s financial objectives with our conservation goals.


The Mission of North American Land Trust is to promote long-term stewardship of our natural and cultural heritage by implementing successful private land conservation projects and promoting innovative land conservation techniques.

Board Members

John van Heusen Halsey, Chairman of the Board
Andrew L. Johnson, President
J. Paul Haldeman, Vice President and Treasurer
Patty Kennedy
E. Blair McCaslin
John D. Snook
R. Lee Stephens Jr.
John Witherspoon

Additional Officers
George Asimos, Jr., Esquire, Secretary
Jamie McVickar, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer
Steve Carter, Assistant Secretary

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Our Staff

Andrew L. Johnson, President
Amy Bruckner, Project Coordinator
Steven Carter, Stewardship Coordinator
Susan Chase Levin, Assistant to the President
Lee Echols, Conservation Biologist
Paul Haldeman, Vice President
David Lee, CAD Manager/Senior Network/DBA
Karen Mazza, Director of Conservation Easements
Jamie McVickar, Controller
Bilton Morgan, Manager, Knight's Island Preserve
Jeannette Schneider, Senior Planner
Williams C. Gandy, Biogeographer
Ronald W, Lance, Big Ridge Preserve Naturalist
Peter Smith, Conservation Biologist

MissionBoard MembersOur Staff